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10 Daily decisions to help you reach your business goals

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Setting a goal is simply a statement of intent. Your daily actions are what make it happen!
I was thinking about that yesterday, when Susan from Queens, New York emailed me. She was wondering why she sets inspiring goals every year, yet by June the inspiration has faded and the goals are little more than a memory. She’s tired of living the same old year, over and over again.
As this is a very common challenge, I decided to share my answer with you, along with 10 small, daily decisions that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Why your BIG goals need a little help

Inspirational goals are BIG picture targets. This is what makes them so motivating. However, to achieve them, you need to focus your mind and efforts on small, daily decisions.
These decisions are what lead to the attainment of your big picture goals.
For example, here are 10 small, daily decisions that can help you grow a great business:
  1. The decision to care more about your clients, than you care about your fees.
  2. The decision to feed your mind with rich, mental protein. The business owner who knows the names of the judges on a TV talent show, but can’t name the 10 most influential people in their industry, sets a low bar on their potential.
  3. The decision to associate with great people, who will motivate you and encourage you.
  4. The decision to work when you’re at work AND to relax when it’s family and friends time. You are at your best when there’s a balance between work and play.
  5. The decision to offer exceptional customer service and exceed expectations, rather than do what’s required. In other words, out-care your competitors.
  6. The decision to place a huge value on your time.
  7. The decision to measure your progress every day. This allows you to quickly spot if you’re mistaking activity for productivity.
  8. The decision to avoid the costly detours, which come disguised as shortcuts to success.
  9. The decision to give your business the resources it needs. Cold Hard Fact: ANY area of your business that’s failing is only doing so because you’ve refused to invest correctly. You need to make better decisions than that if you want to survive, let alone thrive.
  10. The decision to focus on what you want [as entrepreneurs do], rather than focus on what you fear [as typical small business owners do].

Making it work for you

Those are all decisions that business owners are faced with daily. In the vast majority of cases, these decisions are made without them being a deliberate part of a specific goal. They are made in isolation, depending on what’s happening in that moment.
You need to be smarter than that, if you want to achieve the goals you have for your business. You need to be intentional.
So, set big, juicy goals that inspire you. Then map out the daily decisions you will need to make, in order to achieve them.
I hope you found this information useful. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to make better daily decisions.
To your success!
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