Sunday, June 19, 2016

You need to solve better problems

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Here’s one of the most important questions in business: What are the biggest problems facing your clients and prospective clients?

Whatever these problems are, you need to focus on how to solve them. Here’s why!

Why you need to solve better problems

The vast majority of your competitors offer a predictable range of services, which provide answers to a common set of problems. That’s why they [and maybe you right now] compete on fees or attract fee-sensitive clients.

I recommend you take a more profitable route. A route taken by the most successful people in every industry and profession.

Decide to solve bigger and better problems! If you do, you’ll attract more clients, earn higher fees AND always be in demand, because you will have pretty-much zero competition.

It’s an extremely effective way to grow a highly profitable business.

Think about it. You already solve problems for your clients or customers. So why not deliberately chose to solve the biggest [and most valuable] problems?

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