Saturday, June 18, 2016

Build a great client list. No selling required!

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I’m going to share a powerful marketing idea with you today. It’s all about how to attract sales leads from extremely high quality prospective clients… no selling required.

And I mean HIGH quality.

These sales leads will come from people who already know you, who already value your work AND who really want to work with you.

Ready? OK. Let’s go!

I need to start by asking you a question: How much valuable, free information have you given to your prospective clients this year?

I’m specifically referring to things like newsletter articles, podcasts and blog posts, etc., which offer extremely valuable information [rather than thinly-disguised sales pitches].

No selling required. None. Nada!

If you want an endless stream of high quality sales leads or client enquiries, you need your prospective clients to be thinking about you. So you need to regularly give them something, which they will value. Something useful. Something that makes them interested in what you have to say.

Most small business owners waste their time, trying to get their marketplace excited, using sales messages and special offers. They haven’t figured out yet, that they need to develop a relationship with their marketplace, if they want to attract the best enquiries.

Notice I said attract enquiries? That’s right. When you stop selling and start helping, they [your future clients] come to YOU!

When you just send sales material into your marketplace, you’re missing the point. You are trying to sell to people, before you have earned their attention. It’s like asking someone for a date, before you’ve even said hello to them!

Engage and educate: Don’t sell

The secret to attracting high quality inbound sales leads is to stop selling to your prospective clients and start engaging them. Educate them, don’t sell to them. Help them with their problems. Become a welcome source of useful information. And use the one-to-many approach, so it only takes a tiny amount of your time. [Here’s what you need to know about one-to-many].

You will quickly begin to build relationships with the people who pay for the exact kind of service you offer.

And if you tailor the information you provide, so that it’s of most interest to your IDEAL prospective clients, that’s who you’re most likely to attract enquiries from. [Note the word attract again?]

Through the distribution of valuable, free information, you position yourself as an authority or expert in your field. You build a relationship with your prospective clients, where they naturally think of you as the source of the help they need. This makes it easy for them to turn to you when they need a new provider. Here’s a perfect, recent example of this in action.

Make no mistake, if you embrace this concept and do it correctly, the results can be breathtaking. Even life-changing. It’s a zero pressure way to build a massively valuable client list of amazing people, who really appreciate the value of your work. And with no selling required.

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