Wednesday, June 29, 2016

7 Things you need to know about Worry!

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Here are 7 things you need to know about worry, including a more helpful alternative.

Stop Worrying

  1. Worrying doesn’t make things better. In fact, it’s 100% counter-productive.
  2. Worrying is a hideous waste of your time. Time is your most valuable resource.
  3. Worrying is infectious to your clients and customers. You can usually tell very quickly, when a business owner is worried about business. It’s common for people to pull their accounts from vendors, who they believe may be about to go broke.
  4. Worrying causes you to make bad decisions.
  5. The vast majority of things we worry about, either never happen or when they do happen, were nothing to worry about.
  6. Worrying causes you to feel worse [and worse and worse].
  7. Worrying is the lowest possible use of your amazing imagination. When we worry, we use our mind as a movie theatre, which plays the worst case scenarios of whatever we’re worrying about, over and over again. Instead, change the movie. Use your mind to build images of what you want and the things you are grateful for.

You get to determine what you think about. You choose what you focus on. So, if you want one less thing to worry about, stop worrying!

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