Monday, May 23, 2016

How to immediately improve your marketing response rates

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Here’s a useful tip, to help you get better response rates from your written marketing.

Years ago, someone figured out that Google rewards long content. Google likes lots of words. It makes it easier for the Google algorithm to rank content.

Blog posts and web pages with around 750 words are OK. Those with more than 1500 words are even better. As a result, the internet is packed with marketing information, which is way too wordy. Web pages and blog posts are typically over-long and padded with fluff, just to keep Google happy.

The thing is, by keeping Google happy with rambling sales pages and blog posts, you massively reduce the sales effectiveness of your message. What works for Google totally fails for humans. This is a key reason why business owners get traffic from Google, yet very few of these visitors convert into sales or client enquiries.

Your marketplace wants you to get to the point

Your prospective clients are busy. They have never had more demands on their attention. They’re being bombarded all day with; emails, text messages, Tweets, friend requests and Facebook updates, etc. They seldom have the time or attention to read long sales pages.

The learning here is simple: Your marketplace is short of time and short of attention. If you want your message to connect with them, get to the point. And fast.

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