Monday, May 30, 2016

7 Success tips that every business owner should know

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Here are 7  success tips that every business owner should know.

  1. Be stingy with your time, but not your ideas. Once you give an hour of your time to someone, that hour has gone. If you give an idea to someone, you still have that idea. Plus, you just helped someone. Read this.
  2. Be quick to forgive. While you’re holding a grudge, they’re out dancing.
  3. Exercise regularly and eat well. Running a successful business takes energy and clear thinking. A lot of business owners fail, simply because they lack the energy and clarity required. Here’s what happens to your brain when you exercise.
  4. Learn to become a better decision maker. Remember, the decision to be indecisive is also a decision. Read this.
  5. Look for the gold dust in every situation. It’s always there. You just need to find it. Here’s where some of your gold dust is waiting.
  6. Consider firing your worst clients. Then invest the time you spent with them, delighting your best clients. [I got that tip from Seth Godin. Thanks, Seth.]
  7. Be choosey who you associate with. It’s hard to feel positive or make meaningful progress, when you’re associating with negative people. Spend time with people who are going nowhere, and one day, everything they have will be yours!

I hope you found these quick tips useful. More importantly, I hope you do something with them.

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