Thursday, April 14, 2016

10 Winning ways to be a quitter

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Quitting gets a lot of bad publicity. We even use the word quitter as an insult. And it’s wrong! It’s wrong, because quitting is essential if you want to succeed.

Business success requires that you quit the common mistakes made by struggling business owners, then replace them with winning alternatives.

Here are 10 extremely common examples.

  1. Quit looking for shortcuts to success and start looking for proven, direct routes.
  2. Quit looking for excuses why you can’t and start looking for reasons why you must.
  3. Quit wishing it would happen and start making it happen.
  4. Quit complaining that your business isn’t growing and start investing in professional marketing.
  5. Quit focusing on what you fear and start focusing on what you want.
  6. Quit blaming others and start taking responsibility.
  7. Quit following what your competitors do and start leading.
  8. Quit being reactive and start being proactive.
  9. Quit thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur.
  10. Quit settling for less than you’re worth and start demanding the best from yourself.

Quit what isn’t working. Replace it with a winning alternative. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but so is everything of value.

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