Friday, March 4, 2016

How to make it easy for people to hire you

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You’re a knowledgeable, experienced professional. So it really shouldn’t matter if your newsletter has a typo or too two.

It certainly shouldn’t matter if your website design is a little outdated.

It definitely shouldn’t matter if the profile photos you use on your social networks are low quality.

It shouldn’t matter, but it does matter.

Everything counts

You know you’re awesome. Your clients and contacts know you’re awesome. However, your future clients know nothing about you. When they check you out for the first time, they’re forming their all-important first impressions of you. They’re looking for clues.

Everything they encounter is either building their confidence in you or denting it. It’s either inspiring them to hire you or motivating them to avoid you. And everything counts.

As business owners, we can’t simply assume prospective clients will ignore what they see, just because we know we’re the real deal. It’s up to us to create the right impression… so we attract the clients we deserve.

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