Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Here’s a delightful and profitable way to do business

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What daily habits do you have?

I’d like to suggest you add one more daily habit to your list. It’s easy to do. It takes very little time, However, it’s extremely rewarding. It’s simply this:

Find one thing you can do each day, which will delight one of your clients or customers.

There are just 2 rules:

  1. You need to delight them by doing something, which is not a normal part of the service they receive from you.
  2. You need to delight a different customer each day.

Going beyond what’s expected

Yes, I know you work hard to look after all your clients, all the time. That’s NOT what I am referring to here. Your clients expect that and rightly so. I’m referring to going beyond what is expected, in a small but meaningful way.

For example:

  • Send them a hand written note, to thank them for their continued custom.
  • If you have discovered a website or application, which you think they will find useful, share it with them.
  • Send cupcakes.
  • Introduce them to one of your contacts.
  • Link to them from your website.
  • Offer to meet them for a quick coffee, when you’re next in their area.

You get the idea. It’s not about spending lots of time or money. It’s the thought behind what you do that counts.

Delighting a different client every day

All of your clients or customers deserve to feel special… to be delighted.

The nature of human relationships, is that we bond better with some people then others. In business we need to go beyond that. It’s about building wonderful working relationships with all our clients, not a select few who we gravitate toward.

Why bother?

It matters. It really matters. We each have an inbuilt need to feel recognised and appreciated. When people show us recognition and appreciation, it dramatically improves how we feel about them. Your clients are just the same. Yes, in purely commercial terms, that’s a strong enough case to justify delighting our clients — clearly, the stronger your client relationships are, the better. It makes them far less likely to look for a new suppler and far more likely to recommend you to their contacts.

I believe it’s about more than that!

Work becomes far more enjoyable, when you have an ongoing commitment to delighting your clients. And that’s the kind of environment where you’re most likely to produce your best work. So you’re not only delighting your clients by showing them recognition, you’re delighting them with the improved quality of your work.

All in all, it’s a delightful way to build your business.

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