Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Decision making, drifting and dancing

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As a business owner, it’s impossible to avoid making big decisions. You see, the decision to avoid making major decisions, is a huge decision in itself.

It means the business owner has decided not to direct the path of their business. It means they decided to drift, like a boat without a rudder. And in doing so, they eventually learn that you can’t drift your way to any kind of meaningful success.

The business owner who is struggling, can find out why very quickly. All they need to do is ask themselves this question. “What major decision [or decisions] am I dodging”? Answering that question honestly, then taking the required action, will quickly get you on track.

Have you spotted the paradox?

The paradox here, is that those with the greatest need will decide not to answer that question. If they do answer it, they’ll decide not to take the action required.

And so the cycle repeats. Until they decide it’s time to take control of their business. That it’s time to leave their comfort zone. That it’s time to face the music… and dance.

Tip: Here’s a powerful, yet simple decision making technique.

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