Monday, January 11, 2016

What every successful business owner knows

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In no particular order:

  • People buy what they want. Not what they need.
  • Webinars carry a huge amount of negative baggage. If you want to use video marketing, call it something with a less sleazy connotation.
  • People buy for their reasons. Not yours.
  • Find new products for your customers or clients. It’s faster and more profitable, than finding new customers for your products.
  • Your branding is either working for you or against you.
  • Bad customers or clients are the natural result of bad marketing.
  • Keeping your promises is a proven way to build a great reputation.
  • Everything your business does, is marketing. The way you answer the phone, your payment terms, the suppliers you choose, they way you reply to emails, your location, the way you write, the design of your website, your prices or fees, your guarantees, your social network updates… it’s all marketing.
  • A confused mind always says no. So keep your marketing as brief and clear as possible. Fewer options. Fewer words.
  • Businesses with a small marketing budget tend to go broke. They dabble with DIY marketing, whilst their more savvy competitors eat their lunch.
  • Don’t lower your prices or fees. Increase your value. Here’s why.
  • Learn how to make your marketplace curious. Why do prospective clients call you or email you? It’s because they need to know something and their curiosity motivates them to get in touch. So, you get a sales lead or client enquiry. And a chance to convert them into a new client or customer. Don’t explain everything in your marketing, unless you want very few sales enquiries.
  • The more your services or products resemble what your competitors offer, the less visible your business is.
  • Avoid using buzzwords. Those who don’t understand them will be confused. Those who do understand them, will cringe.
  • You don’t have any clients, customers or subscribers. Instead, you borrow them. You need to earn and then re-earn their custom, attention and trust.
  • If your business isn’t attracting regular sales leads or client enquiries, your marketing is broken. The very thing that feeds your business isn’t working. It’s costing you a fortune, needlessly. Why are you allowing this to happen? Think about that for a moment.
  • Tell the truth. It’s the easiest, least stressful way to build a great business and your marketplace will respect you.

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