Thursday, December 3, 2015

Would people miss your marketing if it stopped?

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So, would people miss your marketing if it stopped?

That’s a tough question. However, it’s an important one. The reason it’s so important, is that the most effective marketing is value driven. Value driven marketing focuses on the needs of the prospective client or customer. It provides them with what they want and it does so, in an engaging, effective way.

We know that people value marketing that delivers:

  • Useful, targeted information.
  • Solutions to their most pressing problems.
  • Helpful advice from trusted sources.
  • Genuinely special offers, which provide real value based on their wants / needs.
  • Truthful, honest engagement.

We know that people dislike:

  • Cold calls.
  • Being pestered on social networks.
  • Spam emails and junk mail.
  • Uninspiring sales pitches.
  • Predictable marketing messages from predictable vendors offering predictable services.
  • Selfish marketing pitches, poorly disguised as special offers.
  • Impersonal outreach.

It’s worth reviewing your marketing strategy and deciding if it’s value driven or not. Because everyone you market to is making that same decision. And just like you, they ignore irrelevant marketing.

So focus on the wants and needs of your marketplace. And be useful. Often.

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