Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to become the obvious choice for new clients

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What emotion does a prospective client need to feel, before they hire you?

A key emotion behind decision making is discomfort. I was thinking about this earlier, when the first client for 2016 joined my Marketing Mentor Program. She explained that she had reached what she called “a tipping point”. She told me she wasn’t prepared to waste another year, working hard and making too little progress. The pain [discomfort] of another lost year, was powerful enough to motivate her to take action and hire me.

Being there when a prospective client needs you

Of course, you don’t usually know that a prospective client [or customer] is experiencing discomfort, until they tell you.

And this is why marketing should be an ongoing process for your business. You need to be there, front of mind, when they need someone with your expertise.

For example, my new client had been a reader of mine for months before she was ready to hire me.

Blogging and newsletters

In my experience, blogging and newsletter marketing are the best ways to maintain regular contact with your marketplace. This is especially the case if you use your blog posts or newsletters to deliver useful information, rather than sales pitches and offers.

So be there when they need you. Share your expertise. Demonstrate your knowledge. Once your prospective clients regard you as a trusted expert, hiring you becomes a low-to-zero risk decision.

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