Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Choose the best clients. Then ignore the rest!

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As a business owner, you have just 2 options when deciding how to market your business.

They are:

  1. Try and appeal to everyone [the widest possible group].
  2. Choose the right kind of customers for your business… and ignore the rest.

Most business owners take option 1

It’s totally understandable. Their thinking works like this:

If we try and appeal to everyone, we’ll have more prospective customers. And more prospective customers equals more actual customers.

The reality is different. Very different.

By trying to be relevant to everyone, you end up being directly relevant to no one. The challenge with this approach, is that people will only buy from you or hire you, if your marketing is directly relevant to them.

Your marketing needs to motivate them to take action. It needs to be compelling. And a vague marketing message is neither motivating or compelling.

The smartest business owners take option 2

They get specific about the type of customer or client they want to service. They then focus exclusively on communicating with these ideal prospective clients. They learn what matters most to them. They then create marketing that directly connects with what these targeted clients want.

This allows the smart business owner to market to the right people, with a directly relevant, highly motivating marketing message.

That’s exactly what you need, if you want to attract far more high quality clients or customers in 2016, than you did in 2015.

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