Saturday, December 26, 2015

3 Proven ideas to attract more clients from your website

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Is your website a sales machine for your business? Well, it should be and it could be! Here are 3 places to focus on for better results in 2016.

1. Does your website look professional?

When people arrive on your website, what they see is either building trust in your business or eroding trust.

Think of it like this: A powerful marketing message on a poorly designed website, is like a beautiful meal served on a dirty plate.

Your website is creating a powerful, immediate impression in the mind of your prospective clients. Get this right and prospective clients will hang around long enough for your expertly written content to connect with them.

2. Did you write the marketing content of your website?

I’m talking primarily about the sales pages, where you want people to take action; to hire you, buy from you, call you, email you, etc.

If you did write these pages yourself, I have some great news and some bad news for you.

  • The great news is you can improve your conversion rate by hundreds [or thousands] of percent, by hiring a professional copywriter to write your marketing pages correctly.
  • The bad news is that it’s losing you a fortune in missed sales or client enquiries, every day that you delay.

If your site gets visitors, but very few convert into customers or clients, the answer is simple. Hire a proven professional to make your marketing message as irresistible as possible. Problem solved.

3. Do you sell, sell, sell on your website or blog?

If you do, stop it. Seriously.

Here’s why: If your website is largely just selling, people will regard it as one big advertisement for your business. And people don’t like ads! That’s why we skip through the ads on TV. It’s why people pay apps like Spotify and YouTube, to remove the ads.

Instead, use your website to build trust. Use it to provide education, related to your services or products. Use your website to position you as an authoritative expert… to showcase your expertise and experience.

Put the marketing pages of your site where they can be seen. Link to them from pages or blog posts, which provide free, useful information [like I do in the final paragraph]. If your site is largely just selling what you do, people will leave as soon as they arrive.

Finally, I hope you find this information useful. More importantly, I hope you make 2016 the year you get serious about the potential of your website. Make no mistake, it can be a sales or client acquisition machine for your business, so long as you invest in it accordingly.

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