Thursday, November 5, 2015

What are Weasel Words?

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Have you ever noticed how some people use weasel words, when faced with a challenge?

Weasel words?

Weasel words are used when someone wants an excuse to avoid taking action. Their fear of failing is hard to admit, [to others and to themselves], so they use weasel words to hide their fear.

For example:

You give them a great idea and they’ll tell you; “That’s not as easy as it sounds”. If you examine those weasel words, you’ll see how shallow they are. The suggestion is that unless taking action is has easy as listening to someone, it’s just too challenging for them.

Other weasel words include, “I would if only I had more time.” This excuses them from taking action, unless somehow you can make their days 25 hours long. Industry leaders, presidents of corporations and presidents of countries get by on 24 hours. But the weasel word crowd need more.

Avoid the weasels

When seeking out business partners, team members, suppliers and clients, avoid those who use weasel words.

Instead, surround yourself with people who look for reasons to make progress, rather than excuses to do nothing.

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