Monday, November 23, 2015

Sales: Here’s why it’s never about the money


Your prospective customers absolutely can afford your products or services.

Here’s what really stops people buying from you. Plus, how to remove these barriers so you make more sales or attract more clients.

  • You’re attracting enquiries from the wrong people.
  • You haven’t given them a powerful enough reason to buy from you or hire you.
  • They don’t trust you, so they don’t believe your message.

You’re attracting enquiries from the wrong people

No matter how great your products are. No matter how outstanding your services are. You will never make a sale if you’re talking to the wrong people.

If you provide a premium product or service, which rightly has a premium price tag, you’re wasting your time marketing to the bargain basement crowd. Yes, very occasionally you may be able to change someone’s world view. However, you’re far more likely to sell premium services, if you market to those who value premium service.

The key phrase here is this: Market to the dissatisfied, not the disinterested.

It’s never about the money. It’s always true that your prospective customers can afford your products or services. If someone can’t afford what you offer, they are not a prospective customer. It’s another example of ineffective marketing: attracting enquiries from the wrong kind of people.

Identify who your ideal prospective customer is and make them the focus of your marketing.

You haven’t given them a powerful enough reason to buy from you or hire you

The word motivation comes from a fusion of the words motive and action. When the motive [or reason] is powerful enough, we take action.

Most small business marketing is terrible. It’s generic. It’s predictable. And it’s extremely ineffective.

Here’s why:

It’s all about attitude: Small business owners dabble with marketing. They will pay an expert to cut their hair, but they’ll willingly risk their financial future with lousy, DIY marketing.

This is great news if you want your business to thrive. That’s because you can crush your competitors, simply by being one of the 1% who invests in expert marketing.

They don’t trust you, so they don’t believe your message

For your marketing messages to work, people need to believe them. They need to trust you enough, to accept that what you’re telling them is true.

Sadly, many sales are lost through a lack of trust, even though the marketing message is 100% true. Even though the promises and guarantees are completely legitimate.

So, why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Trust is lost when there’s a disconnect between what the marketing message says and what the prospective client feels. Here are some common examples:

  • Promising an expert service, yet charging a low or average fee. People know that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So they don’t believe it. This is why some service providers find they can attract more clients, simply by increasing their fees. Here’s what happened when we increased my client’s fees by 300%!
  • Promising a professional service, yet having an amateur image. Prospective customers are greatly influenced by what they see. Nasty looking logos, poorly designed websites, amateur marketing copy, cheap looking marketing material — these destroy trust. They say more about you than the words you use.

Your family, friends and clients, already know that you’re 100% trustworthy. However, until prospective clients get to know you, they will make judgements based on what they see. Everything counts. It’s either building trust or eroding trust. So take a look at your marketing [and your business in general] from the outside. If you notice anything that could cause a stranger to get a negative impression of your business, fix it. Today. It’s that important.

The bottom line: You offer a great service. So make sure you market exclusively to your ideal profile of clients, that your marketing message is highly motivating and that you take every opportunity to build trust.

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