Monday, November 16, 2015

Attract referrals like a magnet in just 3 steps

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Today, I’m going to help you attract massively more, high quality referrals. It’s based on a powerful, 3 step process.

We need to start by accepting a few fundamental truths about word of mouth referrals:

Word of mouth referrals are the natural result of delivering a service, which is worth talking about.

3 steps to attracting word of mouth referrals

I’ve helped thousands of business owners to attract valuable, word of mouth referrals. One of the techniques I use with my clients, is based on the following 3 step process.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Think for a moment about some of the products and services you have recommended to people. Write down at least 5 examples. It doesn’t matter what industry the examples come from.
  2. Figure out what it was that motivated you to give those recommendations. Go through your experience with that product or service and look for the gold dust. The gold dust is the thing that was so remarkable that you wanted to tell your friends.
  3. Look for ways to adapt and apply that gold dust into your own business. Be as open minded as possible. Be brave too, because your best answers will be rare or brand new to your industry. If they were already common in your industry, they wouldn’t be remarkable.

Going through these 3 steps correctly will take a little time. You may need to return to it over a period of a few days or more. However, it’s worth it. If you can find and apply just one, powerful and motivating word of mouth factor to your business, it can dramatically boost your sales or client acquisition numbers.

I hope you find this 3 step process useful. More importantly, I hope you do something with it.

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