Saturday, October 31, 2015

No, the customer is not always right!

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That old saying, that the customer is always right, is bogus. Worse still, if you believe the customer is always right, it will damage your business.

The saying still persists, because fearful service providers are scared that if they say the customer is wrong, the customer or client might leave. So, generations of business owners have worked under the erroneous belief that they should simply agree with the customer all the time.

Here are a few examples of what happens when you do that:

  • Designers end up producing ugly work, because the client made terrible design demands.
  • Copywriter’s end up writing junk, because the client demanded they change it from a professional piece, to something amateurish, which the client could have written.
  • The service provider risks being bullied and paid late, because the client knows that the service provider won’t defend their position.

No, I’m not suggesting you argue with your clients

However, as a service provider, you do need to guide your clients, so that they make the best decisions. You need to ensure they get the best results possible. That means doing what you do best. It means providing the client with your informed, expert guidance.

Because you’re an informed expert in your field, and they are not, there will be disagreements. When this happens, the key is to respond with education, not anger. This leads to helpful exchanges of ideas, rather than unhelpful arguments.

Simply agreeing with a client when they’re making damaging mistakes, doesn’t help them… or you.

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