Friday, October 9, 2015

Don’t let greedy amateurs get you down!

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Following my last post, Darren [not his real name] emailed me with a great question. I promised to answer it here, as it’s a marketing issue, which a lot of people struggle with.

He wanted to know why the vast majority of subscribers to his newsletter; “never spend a dime”. It’s important to point out that Darren’s content is superb and he offers a great range of services.

He went on: “They grab all the free advice Jim, but lack the decency to even say thanks for the hours I put in.”

Darren wanted to know if, and how, I deal with this problem. Here’s my answer. I hope you find it useful.

Don’t write for most people

I know the people behind some extremely popular newsletters and blogs. All of them have just a tiny minority of readers, who hire them, buy from them or thank them.

And that’s fine.

Most people who read this will never hire me either. They won’t bother thanking me for the free information I provide them with. They will just take. Why? Because they’re life’s takers. They’re the amateurs who are attracted to “free” like moths are attracted to a lamp.

And that’s fine too.

You see, I don’t write for most people. And neither should you.

  • I write for people who take their business seriously.
  • I write for people with the sense to invest in their businesses.
  • I write for people who have respect for themselves and for others.

In other words, I write for professionals!

Professionals are the ones who hire me and show appreciation for my work. I’ve never been hired by a selfish amateur, since starting my business in 1995. Not once.

Yes, the content marketing model attracts greedy amateurs, who lack the business acumen and courage to invest in their business. And yes, they won’t even thank you.

However, if you get your content marketing right, you will attract lots of professionals too. And it’s these who deserve your full attention.

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