Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Are you making a noise or making a difference?

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All marketing fits into one of the following two groups. It’s either making a noise or it’s making a difference.

Here are examples of both and how they impact your marketing results. You’ll identify them instantly.

Making a noise

Most marketing is noise. Irritating attempts to grab our attention.

  • Spam emails.
  • Pop-up boxes.
  • Cold calls.
  • Banner advertising.
  • Junk mail.
  • Social network spam, etc.

Those tactics are unwelcome. They demand our attention. So we block them. We either use software to block them or we mentally block them. And we’re getting better and better at tuning out the noise. So business owners using those pestering tactics, see a lower and lower return.

Making a difference

We pay attention to the marketing that makes a difference. It commands our attention. It stands out for all the right reasons.

  • Helpful recommendations from our friends.
  • Valuable tips and ideas from a blog or newsletter we subscribe to. This marketing blog is great!
  • Useful updates from our service providers.
  • Amazing service, which motivates us to return to a vendor again and again.

These tactics make a positive difference. So we value them. They’re useful. They don’t even feel like marketing. They’re focused on helping us rather than pestering us.

Which group are you in?

We know the good intentions behind our marketing. We know we’re professional and that people would love us, if only they knew how great our service is. So when we add them to our newsletter list or call them at work when they’re busy – we think that it’s okay.

But it isn’t. The same rules apply to us. If it’s unwanted, it’s noise and if it’s noise, it’s working against us.

Think of it like this: Everything you do to market your business is either training the marketplace to ignore you or to embrace you. It’s working against your business or working for your business.

So whenever possible, instead of making a noise, make a difference. And it’s always possible to make a difference.

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