Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A powerful tip, to help you attract more sales leads

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Here’s the single most important thing you need to know, if you want to attract regular sales leads and business enquiries.

I need to start by asking you a question: Why do prospective clients call you, email you or ask you questions?

It’s because they’re curious: They need to know something and their curiosity motivates them to get in touch. So, you get a sales lead or business enquiry. And a chance to convert them into a new client or customer.

  • Ineffective marketing tries to explain everything. To answer every possible question. To eliminate as much curiosity as possible. And it attracts very few sales leads.
  • Effective marketing provides just enough information. Enough information to inform the prospect and ignite their curiosity. And it attracts high quality sales leads, regularly.

The marketing lesson here is simple. If you want your marketing to create more sales leads, you need to create more curiosity.

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