Friday, October 30, 2015

A marketing lesson. From Taylor Swift!

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If you are struggling to get the results you need from your digital marketing [online marketing], this post is for you. And yes, it features a great example from Taylor Swift.

I’d like to start with an odd question: Have you noticed that at every serious road accident, there’s always an ambulance close by?

Based on that analysis, the best way to avoid a serious road accident, is to avoid driving where there are ambulances. You should especially stay away from groups of two ambulances or more, as these seem to cause the worst accidents.

Focusing on the wrong things

Of course, that’s totally the wrong way around. However, business owners make that kind of incorrect assumption all the time. They look at successful business owners and try to emulate them. Because they read the situation incorrectly, they end up focusing on the wrong things and making bad decisions.

A key area where this is a real challenge, is regarding digital marketing / social media. Small business owners often waste a lot of time and money focusing on traffic, followers and likes. They think that if they can push those numbers up, it will significantly help their business.

So, they focus on building those numbers and get it all wrong. Allow me to explain.

How Taylor Swift gets it right

Here’s an example of the correct approach. From one of the most successful recording artists of the past decade.

Taylor Swift didn’t become an ultra successful pop star because she has tens of millions of Twitter followers.

She has 66,000,000 Twitter followers, because she’s a super-talented artist.

Taylor Swift’s fans are attracted to her, because of her work. Not because Swift was an untalented unknown, with some smart Twitter tricks.

Now, if you build a great following of connected people and a dedicated reader community, because they love your work and value your leadership, that’s wonderful. These people will be a huge benefit to your business. Just make sure you get it the right way around.

Focusing on what matters

You don’t need traffic, followers or likes.

Those are the areas you should focus on. Those are the areas, which you should measure your progress by.

Here’s why

When your goal is to attract more traffic, followers or likes, it drastically changes your marketing. Here are a few very common examples.

  • Your focus shifts from relationship building to list building.
  • Your focus shifts from quality to quantity.
  • Your focus shifts from connecting with people, to collecting people on social networks.
  • Your focus shifts from engaging your readers, to smashing them in the face with a pop-up box to join your list.

Build a business. Build a great story. Count what matters… and don’t be distracted by a series of worthless numbers.

This will help you: Are you building a tribe or writing drive-by content?

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