Thursday, September 24, 2015

2 Marketing ideas from a very weird experience


The weirdest thing just happened to me. And once I explain what happened, I’ll share 2 useful ideas from my experience, to help you grow your business.

I switched on my MacBook Air earlier. I hadn’t used it for a week and immediately noticed that the screen looked terrible. It’s usually bright and everything looks crisp. Today, it’s dull and everything looks grainy.

What makes this weird, is that I know the screen is exactly the same as it was the last time I saw it!

I have changed

No, my eyesight [thankfully] hasn’t got worse. What happened is that I’ve spent a week working with a new MacBook Pro, with a brighter, higher resolution screen. I have become accustomed to a better quality display. What I was delighted with just a week ago, is now substandard.

A better quality alternative has raised the bar on what I expect. I’m now dissatisfied with what was the status quo, just 7 days ago.

So, what can you learn from this, to help you and your business?

2 valuable marketing ideas

Firstly, just because your clients love you today, does not mean they will love you tomorrow. That’s why you need to continuously improve the quality of your work. You need to make your service so outstanding that:

  • Your current clients will want to stay with you [and recommend you].
  • Your prospective clients will see what you offer and become dissatisfied with their current provider.

Secondly, if you develop a new product or service, which is massively more valuable than your current one, a subset of your clients will demand it.

The fastest way to dramatically increase your revenues and profits, is to find new services for your existing clients. These people already know you. They have an existing business relationship with you. And most importantly, they trust you. It takes a lot longer to find new clients for your existing services.

I hope you found these ideas useful. More importantly, I hope you do something with them.

Tip: Read this and learn about offering new services to your existing clients.

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