Friday, August 14, 2015

Stop offering freebies. Really. Stop it!

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Time. It’s our most valuable commodity. So why is it that business owners tend to massively undervalue it, by offering freebies?

Freebies send a toxic message to your marketplace

Offering free consultations is an extremely risky marketing strategy. That’s because the freebie message carries a damaging subtext.

It tells people that you are under-employed. That you have too few clients and too much dead time. This causes prospective clients to wonder why… why you’re not attracting enough new clients or enough paid work from delighted, ongoing clients.

Free consultations, free assessments, free advice, free 30 minute evaluations — they all have one thing in common. FREE.

When you use free as bait, guess what you attract?

Yep, you attract freebie hunters. These never-to-be-clients are attracted to freebies, like moths are attracted to flames. Freebie hunters generally fit into one of the following:

  • People who have no intention of paying anyone for advice. Also known as cheapskates.
  • People who have no way to pay because they’re broke.

Here’s the thing: Neither of those groups provide a fertile marketing environment.

Yes, it’s entirely possible you will attract a paying client by offering freebies. However, you’re unlikely to attract the kind of client you want, deserve or need.

Offering your time for free is one way to market your services. It’s not the best way though. Not even close.

Tip: Read this, it will show you how to market your services correctly, by giving value away.

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