Friday, August 7, 2015

Content Marketing: How to avoid a common, costly mistake!

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Did you know that your marketing message can fail, even before people read what you have to say?

Well, it’s true. And it happens all the time.

Spammers pointing lasers into my eyes!

I was prompted to share this with you, after I received a spam email earlier. It’s from a UK company that wants to sell me laser eye surgery. They even offered me a £300 discount. They assumed I’d be happy to place my health in the hands of spammers. They thought I’d be perfectly okay, about a spammer pointing lasers into my eyes.

Of course, they were wrong.

What your content marketing says about you

Now, that company may use the most highly trained laser surgeons. They may have the best possible equipment. But when we’re spammed by a company, all we know for 100% certain, is that they’re spammers. And it makes no difference whether they spam us with email or social network messages. Spammers are considered to be annoying, desperate and unprofessional.

Here’s the thing: The way you market your business is part of your story. It shows your marketplace what you believe to be acceptable. It shows them what your business standards are. It shows them how professional you are.

And that all happens, before they even see the content of your marketing message!

What next?

Take a look at the way you market your business, through the eyes of someone who doesn’t already know how great you are. If the kind of marketing you use inspires confidence in your business, then it’s a case of more of the same.

But if your marketing strategy is eroding confidence in your business, it’s time you switched to a better strategy. Today, preferably. Yes, it’s that important.

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