Saturday, June 27, 2015

Is your marketing motivated by need, greed or deed?

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You’re a wonderful person with a superb business. However, is that message coming across in your marketing?

Think about it — small business owners tend to market their services motivated by 1 of the following:

  1. Greed motivated: I want your money. Buy my stuff.
  2. Need motivated: I need you to buy from me because I’m in a tough financial situation. Please buy my stuff.
  3. Deed motivated: There’s something that I believe will help you, so I created it for you.

Greedy marketing turns people away. It’s ugly. It’s selfish. It’s an attribute that is universally disliked in people.

Needy marketing turns people away. It makes us panic. People are highly unlikely to risk hiring you or buying from you, if they believe you’re likely to go broke.

Deed driven marketing attracts people. Your message of contribution and service makes people feel good about you. It’s an easy message to connect with, believe and share.

Get your message across

Those of us who are deed driven need to make sure it’s clear for the marketplace to see. It needs to form the backbone of our marketing strategy.

It needs to be reflected in what we say and what we do, so here’s how to get that message across in your marketing.

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